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BEVEL continues to design products suitable for every budget, using the best quality materials. Our brand always offers you quality products with the quality and models of the materials used in all its products.  Bevel designs your shower areas specifically for your dreams by integrating the model you want in the way you want.  In this regard, Bevel cares about its customers and aims to please you with its service.

You experience elegance and comfort together with Bevel ® products with modern design. The atmosphere of your bathrooms will change with its style and usefulness in line with the latest trends. Our special glass models are compatible with many bathroom models, our millimetric designs and Thanks to our special work, we prepare our products to make your shower areas more comfortable and look the same even after years, with our quality product policy in these living spaces.

Bevel ® product concept, which has high material quality, always offers a guarantee for its products by emphasizing the importance it attaches to design and aesthetics, as well as product durability. We offer many years of use warranty...

One of Bevel's most important privileges is that it does not allow any bad surprises arising from the application by assembling the products it designs and manufactures with its own expert teams.

The Beginning of the Future

Bevel 20 Years of Experience and Experience

With the experience of a quarter of a century, we are improving our products day by day. We are innovating and improving our quality. We prepare our products specifically for the future and we recreate your bathrooms. In the shower cabin industry   pioneer As a brand, we are growing day by day. In addition, our exports of domestic capital We increase and contribute to our country. Bevel product groups have richness and offers you quality at affordable prices. artificial in the twenty-first century Just as intelligence is now rapidly taking place in all sectors, we also have artificial intelligence. Within two years, we have completed the shower cabin models we have been working on using technology. We aim to bring you together.  Thus, artificial intelligence pioneered the shower cabin industry. A shower cabin technology that you can manage with makes us a big part of your home. We believe that it will turn it into a brand. As the BEVEL family, we aim to develop our products into the future. We custom design and manufacture; Therefore, even after years, your products We offer you the opportunity to look as solid and stylish as the day before.

SEA Series

SEA series If you are looking for a stylish shower enclosure that would be ideal for many bathrooms, check out this SEA series. This shower enclosure's clever door leaves a generously sized entrance as the piece slides apart, ensuring that opening the door will not have an impact on the room. This shower enclosure is available in many different sizes to best fit your available space. The shiny chrome finish will add a modern look to your bathroom space. It also features quick-release Casters, making this shower stall easy to clean and maintain. The SEA series shower cabin offers a long manufacturer's warranty as standard, ensuring its durability.

RELAX Series

RELAX series Full-length hinged Door introduces a comfortable appearance, comprehensive design and superior functionality. Comfortable housing features low thresholds for effortless access and is comprehensive for all users. Since the top rail has been removed, there are no height restrictions for the user with this enclosure. Depending on your preference and bathroom layout, the hinged door can be installed to open inward or outward. L panel  It combines your shower area and offers a larger shower solution. Relax is designed and implemented in many ways.

ANTE Series

Improving the quality of life means caring about oneself. In your bathroom rooms, you will want to increase your quality level in the shower areas where you live and where you first start the day or relieve your tiredness, and you will want to see yourself rise even more and experience the peak of this time period, as well as to quickly change to the quality of every age and reach the peak in the shower areas where you can experience the happiness of the peak without compromising your quality. The shower areas offered by Bevel will be able to design your dreams for you and offer spacious and relaxing shower areas for you to dream in a quiet environment.


Mollis has a characteristic name to distinguish it from other products. In order to express the richness of its name and the richness of its products. used. Mollis shower cabin series includes richness, transparency, comfort and many personalized models. There are many glass models in Mollis shower cabin models. It complements its products with its models and profile colors. Mollis can reveal richness in bathroom rooms when combined with very special colors and glass models suitable for the latest architectural drawings of the new age. Mollis stands out for many reasons to reach the focus of perfection and the solution of a personal dream. It is difficult to dream of flying to the top floor of the skyscraper in these shower cabin models, but it is very easy to create a bathroom space of your dreams with the Mollis series. Mollis shower cabin models are difficult to give up and large areas are difficult to give up. There is no standard limitation in shower cabin models. Mollis is a series that can be easily integrated into millimetric designs.

GALA Series

BEVEL 2024 highlights its new series. Today Just as technology is changing rapidly, shower cabin models are also changing rapidly. Our shower cabin series are compatible with many bathroom models and can be personalized with many designs. We present the models to you. In 2024, with our special architectural drawings, By integrating colors, you can create your bathrooms with the comfort and elegance of your dreams. We design according to appearance. Bevel can be applied to many bathroom models. It presents millimetric designs to you by applying them to new glass models. With the innovations, Bevel has a wide range of unique models. In addition, we also serve by designing the product of your dreams. In shower cabin models, the heights of the products specific to 2024 should not be exceeded by the standard measurement. We provide services on. Therefore, Bevel can be adapted to architectural drawings. It offers you products according to special height measurements.

DIVIS Series

GLASS A modern glass shower cabin for an architectural bathroom look You can make your bathroom look rich and stylish by using it. shower cabins It is now an indispensable part of bathroom rooms as well as an indispensable part of designs. material. These glass models, which are preferred by many architects today, are Bevel glass models. offers you. Mirrored models that you can choose for small bathrooms It is a mirror that you can use as a full-length mirror, making your room look larger. option. For medium-sized bathroom models, this should be a personal preference. You don't want your shower area to be visible, and you don't want to have more than one view. option is available. Bevel has a very wide portfolio of glass options. It has a structure.

ALTO Series

You may want to relieve the tiredness and stress of the day and feel good throughout the day. While you can have a shower area that will provide this feeling, when the colors that will inspire this shower area are combined, you will want to spend longer time in your shower area. Taking a shower in a colorful area when you wake up in the morning before going to work will not only give you a good start to the day, but will also contribute to your work and lead you to success faster. These shower cabin colors, which are a trend today, are combined with many special colors and brushed matte colors with Bevel's own touches, which enable you to enrich your bathrooms and create a spacious shower environment. Bevel 2024 brings together special colors.


Bevel continues to create differences in your bathrooms with millimetric designs compatible with many bathroom models. In bathroom models, you can integrate the product you want into your bathroom and use these shower cabins. It offers you the most special quality.


In recent years, as a result of broken glass, glass has been found in the human body. Complaints about cuts are increasing. The reason for glass breakage is As a result of product carriers not using materials suitable for the product, the total As the kilogram becomes heavy for the carrier, the user's doors become hard. Carriers may be damaged when used. Damage to carriers As a result of the corner ends of the glass hitting the ground, the glass may explode in case of explosion. It can cause cuts on the user. Also in the shower cabin The tempered glass used has high tension and It may explode even if you don't touch it. Bevel responded to these glass explosion complaints. In 6-8-10mm product groups, carriers are used according to the weight of the glass. Pine In addition to the carriers used according to their thickness, Bevel uses Glasses of ŞİŞE CAM company, which is located in our country and ranks first in the world. It works by taking into account the amount of tension it offers. Bevel some product To provide superior security in its groups and to take quality to the next level. They know the importance of human health and apply film on glass. Thanks to this glass film applied by Bevel, the product is protected against user error. Even in case of explosion, it does not harm the user in any way and the product can continue to use the product, but the user is asked to use the product in such cases. He needs to request a replacement from us in a short time.


Thanks to years of knowledge and experience, we constantly renew and improve shower cabin models. Cleaning the tempered glass used on the shower cabin has been a problem for years. Bevel continued to work on this issue and made it a choice in this regard. The glass protection coating applied on tempered glass allows the shower cabin to be easily cleaned. Due to the hydrophobic feature of the coating, water drops do not remain on the glass but flow down without leaving any stains. Glass protection coating is offered to you as an option that can be applied to all shower cabin models.